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Sep 25

Why Are You A Nurse?

Posted by the NurseSake Team on Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Are You A Nurse?

Do you remember the enthusiasm you had when you completed your first nursing job application? How excited you were to buy your nursing uniform? Have your first patient who thanked you? Crossed the threshold on your last day of clinical? There is someone out there who needs to know how you did it so they can keep going-share now!

Between ebola and daytime talk shows, the nursing profession has had unprecedented attention over the last year. More than ever before, the public wants to know what we do. Are we keeping ourselves safe? Are we the ones to blame if/when we acquire the infection that we put ourselves at risk for while caring for someone? Are we too sensitive? It’s not a talent—it’s just a job, right?

Elizabeth Hanes, RN recently wrote a beautiful tribute to nurses, detailing how we are able to care for others without any regard for ourselves. Nurses injure ourselves moving patients, and care for those whom we know have injured others. We have recently heard more than once: if being a nurse is that bad/difficult/stressful/emotional, then why does anyone do it? 

Although this question could be asked of any profession, people want to know: why are you a nurse? Do you remember the enthusiasm that you completed your application with? Bought your nursing uniform with? Crossed the threshold on your last day of clinical?

Each nurse can most likely answer that question and identify one or more specific experiences that pointed them in the direction of nursing, and even more specific moments that placed them in the specialty of their choice.

At NurseSake however, we want to encourage nurses to take the question of Do you remember one step further:

Share why you did it.

We all know the statistics. We know there are looming shortages and stressful conditions. But you have stuck with it. The talk show hosts won’t realize just how significant that is until they need you. But there is someone who needs you now:

Your fellow nurses, current nursing students, and those who are considering the profession need you.

They need to know why you did it, so they can keep going. They want to know why it is worth it so they will enroll. They want to know how you did it, so they can survive it. For all of the nurses out there who have wondered where they could find a mentor, NurseSake is for you. By creating a profile and telling everyone what you want to share with others, those who need you can easily find you. Share your stories with us and those who are in need of a helping hand!