Here are some common questions. If you aren't finding what you need here please contact us.

A Mentor-Basic membership is free for all nurses and allows you to search profiles, save favorites, and help other nurses who may contact you. If you'd like to also initiate conversations with members, there is a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 for the Seek & Share membership which can be downgraded at any time. There are no contracts or obligations, and if you cancel future payments, we'll simply downgrade your membership to a free, Mentor-Basic membership which will still allow you to help other members who contact you. For full details and to review our refund policy, please read our Terms of Use.

Invite your fellow nurses to join NurseSake!

Absolutely not! NurseSake will never share your real name or contact information unless you choose to post it in your profile or in a communication with another member. The only identifying information we share with other members is your screen name which you select at the time you become a member.

The Brief Introduction portion of your profile in combination with your screen name and nurse licensure/status make up your public profile that can be seen by anyone with a link to your profile; However, only other NurseSake members can search profiles and view the details of your experience and interests. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or contact us if you have further questions. 

Yes. Occasionally there will be that person who you don't want contacting you for any number of reasons…

  • a member who is contacting you too frequently
  • a member who just isn't a good connection
  • a member who is misusing their NurseSake membership to overly promote or make a nuisance of their self

Blocking someone from contacting you is as simple as clicking a link at the bottom of a communication from that member which will take you to a page where you can submit your request and help us understand your reason for blocking the member if you choose. Your feedback helps us learn how we can do better.

You can view a list of members you have blocked within your account, and you may even unblock members if you choose.


We understand how helping and promoting one another can be a good thing for our members if done right and for the right reasons. To promote your business or service through NurseSake.

Fitst, become a member of NurseSake. Then, in your profile, select the types of nurses your service is intended for and the topics of nursing that you can help with. When others indicate that they are looking for someone who can help with those topics, they will see your profile and contact you. Please be sensible and ethical in your use of NurseSake. If we feel that your actions or your services are not in alignment with our mission, we reserve the right to decline your membership.

Nursing can be a stressful profession. But it can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you have the right support. If you don’t feel comfortable asking certain questions at your facility or school, or if you just don't have access to nurses with the right experience to help, then create your NurseSake profile and tell others what you're looking for. You will then be able to search for others who have the experience and willingness to help, and they will be able to seek you out.  

We rely on our participants to report those who engage in any unethical activity including deceitful behavior. Please see our Terms of Use and use common sense when communicating with others. The anonymity of NurseSake is one of the things that helps nurses be open and honest about their needs; However, we reserve the right to freeze accounts temporarily or indefinitely if we find if it is being abused.

Are you working in the nursing profession in any capacity? Do you enjoy precepting and teaching on the job? Do you have information and knowledge to share, but aren't quite sure how to do it? Then NurseSake is the place for you! Create your free profile and be sure to tell us how you'd like to help. Be sure to make your profile searchable so those who are looking for assistance in the areas that you have experience will be able to find and contact you safely through NurseSake. For more information, read How it Works.

Nurses are incredibly busy. But if you have time to pop on and off social media, you have time to support another nurse. There are no minimum time requirements to help. Once you've made your profile searchable by others, you may receive an email from someone relayed to you through NurseSake. Respond to their email being honest about your interest in helping, the amount of time you have available, and with any questions you might have for them. If you want to do more, you can reach out to others on NurseSake who are seeking help. Don’t forget that you can always seek out other nurses for your own career enhancement and sanity. 

Ultimately we hope to offer CEU's, digital badges for outstanding community members, and other incentives that you can share to show others your support for nursing. If you are an organization that encourages mentoring and community involvement of your nurses, please contact us!

As a new graduate, you can help others who are considering going to nursing school or currently in nursing school, and share your experience, tips and suggestions for them. Did you take NCLEX? Do you want to talk to someone who took the exam? Are you wondering what the job market is in an area that you are headed to? There are many opportunities for you to help other members as well as receive assistance yourself.  

Remember: NurseSake is about paying it forward. Continue to not only get help from others throughout your first year, but keep offering suggestions to other new nurses and nursing students. When you have overcome that hurdle of ‘new nurse’ (if anyone really does!), help others who are just getting started. Encourage them to continue helping as well! Be sure to update your profile as your needs and abilities change.

NurseSake users don’t have to be experts in communication or mentoring. If you are someone who likes to take on the orientee, volunteers to have a student shadow you, talks to others about your experience and offers some encouraging words, we are looking for you! Sometimes it is just about having someone there to listen or follow up after a difficult day.  NurseSake aims to help nurses find someone like you. You may be just the help that another nurse or student needs!

Yes! As a nursing student you can help others who are considering going to nursing school and share your experience, tips and suggestions for them. Don't forget: NurseSake is about paying it forward. One day, you will graduate! Update your profile! Continue to not only get help from others throughout your first year, but keep offering suggestions to other new nurses and nursing students. When you have overcome that hurdle of new nurse (if anyone really does!), help those who are just getting started. Encourage them to continue helping as well!

Yes! The same membership lets you help others as well as search for those willing to assist you. Keep in mind, however, that only Seek & Share members may initiate conversations with other members, so as long as you have a current membership, you will be able to do both. 

Let’s say you have been an ER nurse for ten years. You have a lot to offer those who are in school, graduating, or want to change specialties and work in the ER. You would make an excellent mentor for these individuals! However, you are also considering returning to school to become a nurse educator and you would really like to find someone with the right experience that you can talk to about your options, how they managed work and school, and whether or not an online program is a good option. You can search for those who are willing to help in those areas as well.

If you are like us, you hate seeing someone ask for help on a discussion board only to be greeted by negative, degrading comments from a troll or someone who is just looking to make people mad. NurseSake can’t control what individuals say, but you can alert us if someone is leaning towards this. NurseSake has zero tolerance for bullying. Remember that you have the ability within your account to block individuals from contacting you.

NurseSake was founded to uphold the standards of nursing not only by word, but by action and deeds. Even though the assistance you give may be strictly through written word, our mission is to uplift and build each other up. Sometimes it is easier to type a question then ask our co-workers. Sometimes we are the only ones who understand our sense of humor. At NurseSake, our goal is for you to feel like you can find a friend who is in the industry and ask the real questions. Honesty and integrity are expected at all times. If you feel that someone is not participating to these standards, please block them from contacting you and let us know. 

It is possible to be direct, honest, up-front and helpful without being patronizing, belittling, or discouraging. We have some strong personalities in nursing, but there is a difference between being a strong personality and being a bully. Please remember this as you help others.

Also, please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

After your profile has been created, you will be able to search for others who are willing to assist someone of your licensure with the topics you are interested in. If your search doesn't turn up any results, don’t despair! Profiles are constantly being added. Check in often, update your profile as new questions arise, and select as many options as needed. If you don’t want to wait, check your criteria and see if you can broaden your selection anywhere (i.e. you may not find a nurse who has Cardiovascular OR experience, but you might find one with OR experience.