About NurseSake

To empower nurses at all stages in their career through mutually beneficial connections of open communication and professional courtesy.

NurseSake strives to support nurses at all stages of their career in finding

  1. Professional support from those who share the same specialty, career, and/or educational interests
  2. Emotional support from other nurses who are willing to 'just be there'
  3. Resources necessary to persevere through difficult situations and stages of their nursing career
  4. Assistance completing advanced education through educational connections (i.e. practicum mentors)
  5. Opportunities to develop and pursue interest in nurse education

Over 2.8 million nurses in the US are faced with increasingly high expectations and demands of patients and employers, but the number of nurses entering and staying in the field are rapidly decreasing. Nurse bullying and a lack of workplace support cause high turnover and poor patient satisfaction. Media has peaked public curiosity surrounding nurses with recent disease outbreaks and gross misperceptions of the nursing role. Those attracted to the industry often drop out of nursing school or soon after entering the workforce and fail to return to school for advanced degree programs or to become nurse educators. As the Baby Boomer generation of nurses retire in droves, a new, digital age of nurses are seeking online support and resources to help them succeed in various specialties and work environments amidst the unique challenges of being a nurse.

The industry has responded by increasing incentives, preceptor training, sign-on bonuses and online nurse forums, but the problem continues to grow. Nursing doesn’t need another online forum. It needs better ways for nurses to find and become mentors to one another—opportunities to deliver personalized support both through short-term and long-term mentoring relationships. NurseSake is also working to become a trusted partner to hospitals and organizations that employ nurses by helping their nursing staff to become more resilient, better informed, and more supportive of one another.

Whether you are willing to support other nurses or you are seeking support yourself, the first step is to create your profile. This will tell others

  • Your nursing experience—your educational background, specialties, certifications, licensure, and other information to support others seeking assitance
  • Topics you may be willing to support others with and nurses you would allow to find your profile
  • Topics you would be interested in learning more about from other nurses

NurseSake then lets you search for nurses willing to support you or those you are qualified to support. When you've found someone you'd like to contact, NurseSake provides a direct channel for safe email communication without requiring either party to share their contact information.

What happens next is up to you! You may communicate back and forth exclusively through NurseSake enjoying the anonymity and tools which NurseSake provides, or if both parties decide that they have made a great connection, they can share blogs, websites, email addresses and communicate outside of NurseSake. NurseSake is a place where nurses at any stage in their career can become mentors.

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With NurseSake, you can create as many connections as you like for a variety of different topics! While you are an expert in one area and willing to help others who want to know more about it, you might have questions or need support in another area. NurseSake helps you to take care of both! NurseSake creates a perpetual cycle of support—the person needing guidance gains strength from others then is empowered to assist those looking for guidance.

If you want to reach out, share your experience, extend a helping hand, and help those who are entering or want to progress within the profession, then NurseSake is the next step. We are in our early stages of development, but with your help we can grow to meet the needs of all nurses at all stages of their career.

Find that nurse. Be that nurse.™