Welcome to NurseSake. A new way for nurses and aspiring nurses to find answers and support one another.

Why you'll love NurseSake


Share as much or as little about yourself as you want with other nurses.


All conversations are one-to-one for advice as unique as your situation.

No commitments

Contact another nurse just once, or form a long-term mentoring relationship.

Find that nurse. Be that nurse.

NurseSake helps the right people connect at the right time.

Pay it forward

Give another nurse the encouragement or advice you wish you'd been given.

Join the thousands of other nursing professionals willing to pay it forward and lift a fellow nurse!

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NurseSake is…

  • NurseSake is a searchable network of nurses at all stages of their career who are either looking for support or willing to support other nurses.
  • NurseSake is a communication tool that allows the nurse in need to contact another nurse of their choice while protecting the identities of both parties.
  • NurseSake is a strategic partner to organizations who employ or support nurses helping them to better understand trending issues faced by nurses.

NurseSake is not…

  • NurseSake is not an online discussion forum or bulletin board where questions are posted but often lost and forgotten.
  • NurseSake is not a Facebook or LinkedIn for nurses.
  • NurseSake is not a newsfeed or blog of popular nursing articles or other content from the web.
  • NurseSake is not a clutter of advertisements, banner ads, or promos screaming for your attention on every page.

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Support at any stage

  • Talk with current nursing students or a nurse in your desired specialty.
  • Ask about the nursing program at a specific school.
  • Talk with a new graduate nurse who just took the NCLEX exam.
  • In despair? Talk with someone who can encourage you to keep going.
  • Be that nurse for someone else by letting them reach out to you through NurseSake!
  • Ask those questions you just don’t feel comfortable asking your facility-assigned preceptor.
  • Have the first year blues? Talk to someone who survived and find out how they made it.
  • Be that nurse for a nursing student or fellow nurse!
  • Considering a change in specialty? Talk with a nurse in that specialty about how they got there.
  • Considering going back to school? Find someone who can honestly tell you if it was worth it.
  • Considering relocation? Talk with someone about the existing job market.
  • Seeking certification? Ask someone to share their preparation strategies.
  • Be that nurse for someone else by letting them reach out to you through NurseSake!
  • Talk with other educators about how they work.
  • Be that nurse for another nurse educator or someone considering getting into education!
  • Be a mentor or preceptor for those in advance degree programs who need clinical hours.
  • Share your challenges, ideas, and strategies with other nurses in your specialty.
  • Encourage other nurses who are considering returning to school and entering your field.
  • Be that nurse for another nurse with questions only you can help answer!

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You can help

Don’t underestimate the value of your experience! You’ve likely seen, learned and done things that someone else is going through right now.

The smallest thing from your past could be key to helping someone else take that next step. Your influence could inspire a second career, help save a nurse from giving up altogether, and will ultimately benefit the lives of countless patients.

NurseSake is about paying it forward to make the workplace better for nurses—a more caring place for the caregivers themselves.

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